8-Piece Pool Cleaning Kit - Essential All-Season Tools
8-Piece Pool Cleaning Kit - Essential All-Season Tools

8-Piece Pool Cleaning Kit - Essential All-Season Tools

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The 8-Piece Pool Cleaning Kit contains all the necessary tools for keeping your pool clean and maintained year-round. Made with high quality, professional-grade materials, this kit includes a Wall Brush, Leaf Rake, Leaf Skimmer, Vacuum Head, 35' Hose, Floating Chlorine Dispenser, and a 50 Test Strip Kit. Each tool is crafted with rust-resistant aluminum and durable, fade-resistant plastics and netting. EZ Clip connectors make it easy to attach and detach tools from the pole without the risk of pinching fingers.

What's Included?

The 22” Wall Brush has a wide cleaning area of 80-degree bristles. Unique 360-degree end bristles reach into corners and clean difficult spaces that typical pool brushes can’t reach.

The 18” Leaf Rake features a reinforced aluminum frame and rim covered with durable, fade resistant plastic. Edges are smooth to prevent damage to pool surfaces. The large opening easily collects debris. The high-quality nylon mesh net resists fading and is flexible and easy to handle. The net contains a bag tab which helps to empty the bag. Simply hold the Leaf Rake with one hand and the bag tab with the other. Fully extend the bag and turn the leaf rake over to empty out the contents.

The 16.5” Leaf Skimmer is also constructed of reinforced aluminum with a durable, fade-resistant plastic rim. The large opening easily scoops bugs and leaves from the pool surface. The mesh is rip and tear resistant.

The 14” Vacuum Head is a heavy-duty unit with a wide suction area. Plates are weighted to hold the vacuum on the pool floor for more efficient suction. Independent wheels adjust to uneven surfaces. The unit features a metal handle and pin which are much stronger than typical plastic units.

The 35' Hose is ideal for pool cleaning needs. It connects the vacuum head to the pool intake system to generate suction for the vacuum head. The hose comes with two adaptors to connect to a variety of systems.

The extension pole comes in four sections that can be combined to create several different lengths. All four sections together span 12.3'. All tools attach to this pole. The aluminum pole is covered in a rust-resistant powder coat and contains stainless steel connectors.

The patented 7” Floating Chlorine Dispenser holds four 3” chlorine tablets. When filled with four tablets, the red tongs stand upright. As the tablets dissolve, the tongs drop down closer to the dispenser and lay flat when all tablets are gone. This is a visual indicator to let you know when to replace the tablets. Use the tongs to place chlorine tablets into the dispenser, eliminating the need to touch tablets. The dispenser bottom can be adjusted to increase or decrease chlorine release speed.

50 Test Strips are included to monitor water chlorine and pH levels. To use, tear open a strip and dip it into the pool water for 3 seconds. Remove it from the water and wait for 15 seconds for the result. Compare the resulting color to the color chart (included) to see the levels. For best protection, test twice a week.